Nursing Scrubs Shopping


WHITEFIELD — Nursing staff at The Morrison no longer have to travel long distances to find scrubs, shoes and other nursing supplies like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers and watches. Now, the store is going to come to them, thanks to an initiative of the Lancaster Hardware Store.

“We’re already carrying clothing from Dickies,” said Darren Discenzo, whose family owns both the Lancaster and Whitefield Hardware stores. “We looked at the need — there’s nowhere to purchase these items from Colebrook south to Littleton — and decided to get into medical clothing. Our shop day at the Morrison was the first of many we’ve planned for nursing facilities in the area.”

During the daylong event at The Morrison, staff members were able to choose from dozens of scrub tops and bottoms, as well as clogs and other supplies.

“I was able to purchase several scrub sets,” said Tori Donaldson, LNA. “There were lots to choose from, and it means I don’t have to travel to a store on my days off. I’m really happy Morrison is doing this for their staff.”

“We thought this would be a great service for our staff,” said Morrison’s Executive Director Roxie Severance. “It was such a success that we plan on having Darren come back quarterly.”